Diana Rodriguez

Student, Writer, and Chef in Ciudad de México, México

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Howdy, I’m Diana. I’m a study in Instituto Pólitécnico Nacional that's why I'm living in Mexico city. But I am from Puerto Escondido, a beautiful and tropical city in Oaxaca coast.

About me? well.. I am a quiet person, but at the same time I love to do things out of the ordinary like exploring and discovering new places and new people, I am "wanderlust" I would like to find a job that allows me to do what I'm passionate, but also something with I be able to contribute to a better world, in education, sustainability proposals and innovation.

In my free time I enjoy reading, sometimes writing, or painting, or just walking. I think that one of the best decissions that a human can takes is walking. I listen different types of music since traditional mexican music or folklor (typic of this diverse country), to Jazz, blues, classical, or electronic.

My favorite places to be are those wich are surrounded by nature, I feel well being both at beach and mountain, I love cold and mysterious paysages like in Tolkien books, and the best is that they really exists, ourworld is wonderful. My favorite places to be are those where I meet with family too.

What else?
I have to say that I am interesting in philosophical and scientific questions about us, about world and about Universe.. I think there are somethings wich have logic and we haven't seen, but It is our duty to find out. I recommend reading and listenning Michio Kaku (a Theoretical physicist)

I am friendly and I like helping, so if I can do something for you, just write me!