diana owen

Taking business into the 21st century via workspace optimization, scan/shred, data storage, and intuitively assessing ways to make your office more efficient. Shifting paper piles to the cloud makes me drunk with decluttery happiness.

Different? Certainly...but it makes me giddy - ask debyjolley@gmail.com - she can vouch for my bubbly nature and demented yet positive approach to revolutionizing SPACE. I did it for her! ...And I can do it for you.

Professionally, nothing gives me more energy than making your life easier through organizing/clearing/creating systems that WORK in a practical way. I have been doing just that in a corporate environment since 1999.

Case in point, I have a plant addiction. I feel plants provide a completely unique, clean, transformative energy. They are a must in any office! A MUST! My last day of work, the thought of taking the plants crossed my mind. Then it hit me: The plants needed to stay there. With him. So, I left my happy plants with my (amazing) last boss as faint, precognizant whispers of the entrepreneurial journey ahead of his promising understudy.

So, I invite you to GET IN TOUCH WITH ME! Let's engage, say hi, brainstorm.

At the very least, how about we network, laugh a little, and feel out our professional chemistry? I've never met a stranger... we are all in this together, folks. :)

JOY is available in your work... what can I do to empower you? How about starting with your immediate professional surroundings? How may I serve you?Let's discuss making your office the most empowering place for you to CREATE your world.

~ i'm also a poet ~

so here is your more flamboyant introduction to diana (since the ripe old age of 12, I've written my name lowercase to pay homage to e. e. cummings)...

i'm an intuitive lover of nature and all creation. a seeker. a simplifier. a reader. a writer. i am living AWAKE to watch souls bloom... in other cultures, languages, tribes...