Diana Owen

Llandrindod Wells

I have lived my life moving from festival to festival. I never went to schoole but when I was 17 I went to collage and did a buisness course, where I proceded to become that years best achiver. Half way through this buisness course I set up my owne buisness, selling coffee from my own espresso machine at festivals. I taught myself how to make all the diffrent types of fancy coffee, I have been running Huntress Esspreso bar for about 5 years now :

my main business is running a mobile espresso machine, the artistically designed trailer was built by my very skilled friend Mark Tinkerman out of some recycled plywood and old bicycles, the main framework is made of box steel, which was bent into its elegant curves by being put in a tow hitch and heaved on. It is powered by the sun, gas and love. I purvey a wide range of fair trade beverages made to your particular specification. The main locations at which I trade are amongst some of the best festivals during the summer. I am also available for private hire. Usually I am set up near or in conjunction with the legendary SAMS Magic Hat mobile sauna, showers and relaxation area. They have a wide range of musical instruments for people to play, so often the coffee machine is surrounded by beautiful music. My clientele is welcome to jam along. My hours are varied, depending on demand, but are usually from early morning until trade tapers off in the late afternoon (occasionally later). There is normally seating both under cover and al fresco. Often there are delectable hand made munchies to consume with your beverages (slimmer's beware!) Huntress Espresso was reported by Glastonbury Festival Radio as being the best espresso on site in 2012 and the quality and service have improved since then. I am sometimes set up near Paradise Pancakes, making our area the first stop of the day for those in the know as it combines food, showers, sauna and hot drinks in one relaxing and invigorating space. We have a range of hot and cold drinks on offer including: Cappuccino, Latté, Mocha, Espresso, Americano, Tea Herbal, tea, Hot chocolate, Optional syrups And at hot festivals we have iced squash, coffee etc.

I like the forests at night, the light of the moon is the most beautiful thing in the world.

I love my freinds, they make me very happy.I like video games, mostly RPG's but I am currantly making my way through the asssins creed collection.I love OTP's they make me smile a lot.I also love animals.

  • Work
    • Self Employed
  • Education
    • BETC First Diploma In Buisness
    • Buisness And Lesuir Facilty Best Achiver
    • Self Taught Barista
    • Food Hygine