Diana Sagmoe

Diana Sagmoe

At an early age I learned the art of sewing and then began making clothing for my dolls. Throughout high school I started designing my own clothing and in my senior year of high school I began taking college fashion design courses.

As life went on, and two children later, I decided I needed an at home office. It was then that I started working with Interior Designers and entered the exciting world of Home Décor. This in turn led to my getting my degree in Interior Decorating.

During my years of working in interior decor, I was from time to time asked to finish a client’s vintage needlework piece into a pillow. From there I started working for several needlepoint shops throughout the South. Eventually as I continued to work with the needlepoint items that others had stitched, I decided to learn the art of needlepoint for myself.

Someone once asked me how I could finish needlepoint pieces all day, and then work on stitching my own needlepoint pieces at night. That's how I came up with my saying, "The Art of Needlepoint is the Art of Relaxing."

I have finally found my true passion/profession in life, a Needlework Finisher/Artist... and if one has passion for something, one has success.