Diana Bernas

Diana Bernas

I am dedicated to helping wild animals, individually or collectively. My focus is on assisting endangered animals to maintain their well-being and rightful place on the earth. Why? Because animals think, feel, and love, and it's their planet too. We are not the only beings who matter!

I am Involved in:

Improving the lives of wild animals in captivity and the wild

Speaking up for the interests of abused and mistreated wild animals

Rescuing, transporting and relocating wild animals to safe sanctuaries

Lobbying and instigating legislative changes for the protection and betterment of animals and their habitats

Educating and raising awareness that animals are sentient beings and deserve to be treated humanely with compassion and respect

My Dream Job(s) - Seeking opportunities to work hands-on with wild animals in their environments

Assignments can include participating in the relocation and/or rehabilitation of animals to safe and improved environments/sanctuaries

My Direct Experience - Participated in the day to day operations of a rescue center for lions in Lima, Peru with Animal Defenders International for the month of November 2015

Participated with ALERT (African Lion and Environmental Research Trust) in a volunteer, hands-on lion rehabilitation program at Antelope Park, in Zimbabwe, Africa

Successfully completed the Toronto Zoo Volunteer Training Program, giving me first-hand knowledge of exotic animals, and the opportunity to conduct tours, animal research and understanding the overall zoo environment and conversation effort

Hands-on experience in the stables with therapeutic riding horses at WindReach Farms, a working farm dedicated to enriching the lives of persons with disabilities

Successful completion of the University of Edinburgh's Animal Behaviour and Welfare online course

Ability to intuitively communicate with the animals

International travel experience (over 25 countries) and ability to travel on short notice

Transferrable Skills and Experience - over 20 years of progressive management and human resource experience in the corporate world working in culturally and ethnically diverse environments

Liaising with local and provincial governments to clarify and/or develop and pass new legislation/policies

Training and teaching experience at the corporate and community college level