Diana Mahmoud

Virtual Assistant, Digital Media in New Jersey

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Diana Mahmoud has worked in media, in one form or another, most of her life. At 16 years old, she started her career as the “Queen of Country Radio” at WNLB, a small town country radio station nestled in the foothill of Virginia’s Blue Ridge mountains. As hard as it was to give up her auspicious title and a work week filled with NASCAR, Mountain Dew, and Hank Williams Jr, Diana relinquished the glaring spotlight of AM radio for a quieter, behind-the-scenes existence at small and medium market television stations.

While she patrolled airwaves, protecting both the viewing public and commercial advertisers from embarrassing broadcasted errors, technology was changing the very definition of “media”. Lured by the thrill of new technologies, Diana left traditional media for a chance to work at the world’s largest privately held software company, SAS. Through her work, first as an Assistant Producer and later as a Multimedia Project Manager, Diana learned not only about emerging Internet technologies, but also important concepts such as content management, user experience, and usability. The first digital product she managed, America in Vietnam: Views and Voices, earned Technology and Learning Awards of Excellence Best Software 2001. She spent the next several years working on Curriculum Pathways©, an Internet-based, interactive educational software, which provided cutting-edge Internet content and a user-friendly and accessible experience for its audiences.

Diana felt just as excited about her work with Curriculum Pathways on her last day of work as she did on her very first day. However, Diana left SAS after 12 years to support her husband’s career and spent the next years living abroad. During this time, she explored and educated herself on social media and its many possibilities. In 2010, she began teaching small business owners, first in Barcelona, Spain and then in Singapore, to have both the knowledge and confidence to improve their online presence. She continues to use her experience as a digital media consultant to help people understand how to use the latest tools to promote themselves and their professional endeavors.

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