Diana M Menzies

Lusaka, Zambia


Close your eyes. Open them. What do you see? What do you feel? What can you do?

For the past 4 years I've been researching and acting in the sectors of: sustainable development, behaviour change, and blended value business development with poverty alleviation.


Post graduation from Civil Engineering at Queen's University I felt like I didn't know anything. To rectify this situation I scrapped the plan and decided to explore the world and switch to experiential learning.

First, I co-founded a business as part of an incubator called the Queen's Innovation Connector, it was called Givingly.

Then, I was the coordinator for National Engineering Month Ontario - working within Engineers Without Borders Canada, an organization with 10,000s of change agents world wide. The aim of NEM is to improve public understanding of engineering and increase the diverty of thinkers that enter the profession.

Shortly after, I found myself in Zambia as an embedded business consultant with Business Development Services Africa. I've been working with a large agribusiness with an outgrower model involving over 100,000 smallholder farmers. A business that can directly benefit from measured improvements of their farmers' productivity and livelihoods.

Now, I've co-founded and am directing our operations at BDSA Zambia Ltd. where we are seeking to build equitable business processes through shared value design and data-based decision making practices. We work in the agricultural and environmental sectors and are seeking to spark systemic change.


Throughout this journey I've been making a conscious effort to map my learning. Summarizing my thoughts and adventures in the written published word on this blog.

As I continue to explore I understand more. And yet this growth ultimately leads to more questions and ambiguity followed by continued learning.