Diana Jo Petras


I'm Diana Petras. No matter where I go, I will always be a Southern Californian at heart.

My goal in life is to be wonderfully happy doing what I love with amazing people while making a difference in the world. I do not believe in the "what if" with me because we should put ourselves at risk on things that we are passionate about. There should be no regrets in life in order to live it to the fullest.

Everything is interesting and fascinating. People may choose to do bad things, but it does not make any person less of a human being. The world is not black and white. Each situation anywhere has a point of view, and I want to know every angle.

My curiousity influences my thirst for knowedge. I want to learn something new each and every single day no matter what the topic is. Researching and investigating is something that I enjoy doing a lot. It has helped me develop a strong background in writing and research.

Luckiy, I managed to immerse myself in the Digital Media & Social Media world. It is an incredibly captivating subject, and new things pop up every second of the day! There is so much happening in the world, and I love that the information is readily available and sharable to those who are willing to listen. The ability to help others who can do something with info shared is groundbreaking. Everything is a work in progress, and a first step needs to be taken even if it is learning something new.

I adore being around other people despite staying in my little bubble. It may not show because I do keep to myself, but I am the type of person that wears my heart on my sleeve. I am almost always willing to go the extra mile for others no matter how long I have known them. I love supporting others and helping them however I possibly can.

Social Media has definitely made the world much smaller than it seems. One voice can make a huge impact if it is done correctly

If you want to reach out, feel free to connect with me!

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." - Confucius

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