Diane "Frenchie" GOULLARD

translator, Interpreter, and Proofreader in Phoenix, Arizona

A favorite: Life offers so many options - there's got to be some that will make us both happy.

What do people say about Diane? Alessandro says Diane is nice, interesting, knits beautifully. Dave says Diane is a woman of faith. Denise says, "I’d trust you with my life, you’re the best caregiver I’ve ever known." Dot said, "Frenchie, you're loving and outgoing." Faith says Diane is a thinker. Ginette says Diane is conciliatory. Joy says Diane is thoughtful, sincere, loyal, easy to be around, pleasant, fun, accepting, non-judgmental. Lynn said that Diane is very sweet, melancholy, very deep, a godly woman. Lorilee says Diane is warm and hospitable. Martha says Diane is kind, highly intelligent, interesting. Stephanie says Diane is benevolent, non-conformist, independent, an old soul...

Diane's a first-born, devoted, responsible, trustworthy, caring and warm...

A favorite: Diane loves when communicating brings aha moments, when love and reason engage and lead to mutual understanding.

Some say Diane looks like Merrill Streep or Celine Dion...The sound of Diane's voice is deep, rich and melodious...

A favorite: Please forgive me, let me know how I can do better.

Diane loves to create beauty, arranging space attractively, preparing delicate meals, giving and receiving, caring, helping people, knitting, making the world a better place to be, enjoying nature, painting, repairing, repurposing, getting things done, setting a table, sewing...

A favorite: The more I know, the more I know how much I do not know.

In communicating, Diane enjoys working, giving undivided attention to all whom she serves, she has a way of focusing like a laserbeam.

A favorite of Diane's: Silence speaks. People speak. Books speak. And I love to listen. And then, after I have listened, it may be my turn to speak, so I ask you to listen to me too.

Translating is reading slowly.

  • Work
    • I love what I do and do what I love.
  • Education
    • Academics, books, experience, insights, intuition, school of life...