Diane Stanhope

Have you ever gotten to the point in your life where you just wanted more? I don't mean in a greedy way but in a more self fullfilling way. A way that you could feel like you were making a difference in the lives of others?

I've been through a divorce at a young age and I've raised a wonderful family, two brilliant children by myself, been the stay at home mom when needed, worked a full time job to make ends meet and to get the little extras! Met the man of my dreams 13yrs ago and now the children are on they're own raising they're own wonderful children and I have quit my JOB to take on a new adventure!

I am now an Independent Consultant and loving it! If you had asked me 5yrs. ago if I would be doing something like this I would have said flat out NO! I always thought for one there is no money in doing this (of course I was very wrong) and that these type of opportunities were all pyramid schemes (wrong again)! I also thought that most of these companies were out for themselves!

Well I was so wrong! I am an Independent Consultant with one of the most awesome businesses today! Scentsy! I have grown in so many ways and I am helping others to make a difference in they're lives as well! I am so grateful for this opportunity and would like to share it with you, so please feel free to contact me and together we can make a difference! Live, Life, Love! www.dianestanhope@hotmail.com