Diane Marie Dikitanan

name's Diane-----> Da-yan!

and i <3 taking pictures and editing the most!

<3 to play Instruments especially piano!

<3 black and white and i Luv FOOD! XD hehe

<3 playing video games, games games games

<3 reading books

<3 i like singing but my voice just totally sucks...

<3 my pagka.himantayun

<3 my family

<3 my friends namely:Cavada,Etil Biga,Kivi Etcuvan,and etc..(their cool to me)

<3 making fun of others

<3 facebook

<3 GOD always

I hate when i'm listed in STEPS but good thing i have my partner in crime..CAVADA! :D

P.S.->Guys ones u read this pls. dont let my notifications in facebook BAHA!