Diane Ensey

As a first-adopter, web programmer and all-around geek, I spend most of my day digitally connected. I own and run Beyond Paper, using customized applications to make the internet work for companies and their websites.

My current languages include English, PHP, Javascript, MySQL and HTML/CSS. I'm learning Spanish, Python and various kinds of machine-based languages. I plan to learn to play the guitar.

I'm technician-class Ham operator (KF7TIA) studying to upgrade to General. Electronics are my newest hobby, centered around total home automation and robotics. I want a Roomba because they are cool.

My fountain pen has purple ink and I write in both a paper journal and online at SophrosyneLife.com. With my husband, dog and cat I live in the wine country of central Washington State.

I like old Scotch, cigars and the blues. I don't have cable, but stream Dr. Who and Destination Truth and similar shows.