Diane Pascos

Virtual Assistant and Entrepreneur in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Diane Pascos

Virtual Assistant and Entrepreneur in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi, I'm Diane.

If you're reading my bio, chances are you are looking for an assistant. You want someone experienced and adaptable, someone who can take on new tasks. Someone resourceful enough to figure things out on their own and anticipate your needs - before you realize you have them. Someone that you can rely on. After all, you have your own responsibilities that you need to take care of and you don't have time to sweat the small stuff.

That's where I come in.

I've been a Virtual Assistant for over 7 years, working with CEOs and Entrepreneurs. If you ask my clients about me, they'd tell you that I'm dependable and get things done. I have a passion for assisting others, allowing them to focus on their strengths and best benefit their organizations.

Peace of mind is a priceless thing - and that's what I can bring you.

Are you looking for someone who is computer-savvy? I'm quick to learn new software, because I have to be. Whatever you're using, chances are I have experience with it. Through my years of assisting, I've been tossed a variety of diverse tasks. Now I'm proficient in Filogix, InfusionSoft, Podio, Google Online products, Univeris, MailChimp, ZenDesk, TalkDesk, and a number of other software programs (including Microsoft Office, of course).

What else can I bring to you?

* I have experience with digital marketing and many social media platforms.

* I have been trained by Strategic Coach as an EA and experience in project management.

* References, KOLBE, and Gallup Strengths test results available on request.

You're looking for an assistant. What am I looking for? I'd like to work with someone who is making a positive difference in other people's live. If this all sounds good to you, send me an email at diane.pascos@gmail.com, and let's set up a time to chat.

Let's connect!