Diana Villarreal


I studied language and literature and work as an EN-SP, SP-EN, GER-SP translator and PM. I have eight years of experience, and I love it more everyday.

I specialize in medical translation ―predominantly scientific journal articles, dossiers, drug registration documentation, protocols, CFR, PRO, and SAE and SOP procedures. But it does not stop there: I enjoy and get paid for translating and proofreading books, academic articles and even technical literature in astronomy and physics!

In my spare time, among some other misterious activities, I like to share links, articles and news about language, translation, linguistics, literature, music, critical theory, psychoanalysis, political and social issues, obscure pop culture references, the joys and pains of dealing with life as a middle-aged woman, and the (not that) occasional silly stuff on Twitter.

If you would like to collaborate together in a Translation or Editing project drop an email. :)

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    • English Language and Literature
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