Dianna Vernee

Dianna Vernee, born on April 20th 1993 in Fairfax VA. Daughter of Kimse LaMeel and the oldest of eight kids. Home schooled by her mother she started public school her freshman year at Freedom High School in South Riding, VA While in high school Dianna was a Cheerleader, and one of the requirements as a cheerleader was volunteering. As a result Dianna volunteered with many non profit organizations thus discovering her love for working with children especially giving to children during the Christmas holiday. Dianna’s favorite pass times are shopping, and everything that keeps her laughing.
Dianna always had a dream of modeling. At 17 she started to make her dream a reality. In April of 2011, Dianna began building her portfolio. With the support of her mom she began to learn all the ins and the outs of modeling, gigs, and agency’s. She worked behind the seen in photo shoots as well as working with make-up artist and hair stylist to learn how to do the basic. Today Dianna is the leading Spokes Person for L Power Foundation, and organization that supports sexual abuse survivors, and the Director of their Girl to Girl Talk program. Additionally, she is one of the faces of the Sensual Beauty by LaMeel skincare and cosmetic collections. She is now furthering her Modeling career as of 2013 and is working on her online store with the dream of having a walk in store. She is also looking to have her own Fashion & Beauty line (Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry, Makeup, etc…).

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