Dianne Regisford

Author poet Social Sculpture practitioner in Oxford, United Kingdom

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I am a multi-sensory, contemporary artiste invested in artistic enquiry, which creates spaces for imaginative, cultural and poetic acts of encounter.

My transdisciplinary practice includes Social Sculpture, poetry, visual and performance arts, also energy healing.

Inspired by cultural and indigenous knowledge systems of Africa and her diaspora, My works churn the soul soil of heritage, mythology and spirituality, excavating narratives as pathways to social renewal.

In my Social Sculpture doctoral research practice, I work with the African philosophy of Ubuntu, to explore the socio-cultural fabric of diaspora voices, (re)constructed identities and sense of belonging in the field of sustainable urban development.

A social justice activist, I am particularly interested in migration, social cohesion and deepening democracy through participatory governance.

Working in fluid forms created through the cultural imaginary, my creations weave sensory narratives, which evoke, tie and sometimes knot threads of tradition, culture, the indigenous and the contemporary in the social fabric of urban spaces across the African-Caribbean diaspora. I currently reside in Oxford, UK.

  • Work
    • Social Sculpture for Urban Resilience Cultures
  • Education
    • Phd Researcher
    • Oxford Brookes University