Dianne Brause

Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine

I was born in 1944 just before the "bombing of Herishima & Nagasaki" and at the time of the Nazi Holocaust–both of which changed the history of the world. I grew up in a very homogenious community of German-American, solidly Protestant, farm families–the "salt of the earth" types. My grandfather was a minister and I always wanted to go to the Middle East and understand more of who Jesus was and what his life was like. Since then, I have traveled a great deal and learned more about this area which is called Israel/Palestine.

In this particular blog, I will lead you on a tour of some of the things my group saw and did while traveling within Israel, which is a land that has been ruled and occupied by many peoples and nations for a long as man has been here. Enoy the ride!

  • Work
    • Volunteering with The Holy Land Trust
  • Education
    • "All But Dissertation" with Wisdom University