Dianne James

Name: Dianne James

Where I'm from: Middlehope, NY

Job: Website Administrator, Graphic and Flash Designer, Church organist / singer / choir director.

I'm married. My husband Max is a data analyst for a large International company. We have six kitties, Cleo, Zelda, Cromwell, Titan, Bitzy and Justine.

While I was moderator of the Cheat Planet Zelda Board eleven years ago, I had the opportunity to design a website for a forum group called Team Anti. My goal was to create a fan oriented site that would be a safe haven for kids and teens. We have built up a small, but loyal community, and have been faithfully on the web since July, 2000.

I became interested in game making about five years ago. At that time Team Anti decided to create a Zelda-based game that would incorporate the Forum members. After much research we selected RMXP by Enterbrain to create the game. I joined a very active RMXP forum (rmxp.org) to glean ideas and get advice for our game. It was while I was a member there that I began to create graphics that would expand upon the limited RTP and allow for many different genres of games to be created. Team Anti has been a labor of love for me. I am greatly in debt to our members who have contributed much to the site and to the community. I hope we will only go forward, and that Team Anti will continue to grow and prosper.