Dianne Ward


I'm an enthusiastic cook and spend much of my time in my gorgeous, huge white kitchen baking and experimenting for my family and friends.

I was about 12 when I read my first cooking magainze "Cuisine" which belonged to my mother. Since then I have had a steady obsession with cooking and understanding how food works. I have attended countles cooking classes and schools and have been on Ready Steady Cook (twice!).

I have dabbled in many fashionable diets: vegan, high protein low fat, no sugar - the list is endless. I've come to dislike faddy food trends and now stick to wholesome, full bodied, full flavoured foods.

My thoughts on food is that it should be enjoyed and celebrated; not feared, nor denied. If you are sitting down to a sinfully rich chocolate cake today, tomorrow eat fruit!

Enjoy yourself, your cooking and thanks for visiting Get Your Bake On.