Diann Shaddox

Diann Shaddox is a Native American Indian and a member of the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma, and she has Essential Tremors. She’s a award winning author of “A Faded Cottage” a SC love story about an artist with Essential Tremors, “Whispering Fog” a time travel romance & "Miranda" a story of a feisty young girl in the 1800's. Diann is also the Founder of Diann Shaddox Foundation for ET, a Non-Profit 501c(3) organization committed to help people struggling in today’s world with Essential Tremor. DSF is dedicated to educate and increase awareness to the world and find a cure for Essential Tremor.

Essential Tremor (ET) is a progressive neurological condition that causes a rhythmic trembling of the hands, head, voice, legs, or trunk. Over 10 million Americans have Essential Tremor, including children and millions more people worldwide.

What is it like to live with Essential Tremor?
Can you imagine waking in the morning and not be able to hold a cup of coffee in your hands without spilling it or not able to make your breakfast without making a mess. Then trying to dress, buttoning your shirt, and shaving, putting on makeup or jewelry is almost impossible for millions.

When you’re out in public having people stare as your hands and head shakes yes or no and scared to death you might have to sign or fill out a form. Eating is another huge problem, slinging food from forks and spoons, as your hands tremor so bad trying to make it to your mouth and again spilling your drink unless it’s in a cup with a lid. Many people with movement disorders voice tremors and communication is difficult. So many people have lost their jobs when their boss finds out about their tremors.

Now, how would you like to be a 5 year old in kindergarten and can’t color the page, write your ABC’s like the other kids or a teenager trying to eat, write or grasp things in their tremoring hands while others stare at you and giggle, tease and bullied.

A Faded Cottage” is a journal of a famous artist not of his life, but of only two weeks, a love story about aging and two people being reunited after thirty years finding love can conquer all.

WHISPERING FOG is a Time Travel Romance, “The Adventure of the Aeolus.”

"Miranda" Miranda is an executive, the owner of a bank, carries a gun in her purse, kills a man, and falls in love with a gambler. What’s different about Miranda? She doesn’t live in the twenty first century she lives in the late 1800’s.