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As I’m sure you’ve figured out if you’ve gotten thus far, I love Potatoes. Nothing can brighten my day more then a big bowl of warm potatoes to snuggle in bed. I like mashed, French fried, cheesy, hash browned, sliced, diced, grilled, and baked (and the dried crispy kind too). But did you know that an estimated 70 million potatoes go unused and forgotten? And that about 30 million aren’t properly cleaned and taken care of and have ended up in the trash? 70% of potato buyers end up returning them to stores or throwing them out in the streets to be mashed by cars, and of those that are returned 3-4 million ends up in the trash, that’s 10,000 trash taters each day! I don’t know about you, but those are a lot of needlessly large numbers. But they can CHANGE! If you care about all spuds of all shapes, sizes, and makes then donate or adopt your own snuggly spud today at The Adopt-A-Potato-Shop!
This organization and others like is a no-trashing potato facility, and their main goal is to find rescued taters a smashing new forever home and reduce the unnecessary trashing of all the potatoes out there. If you’d like to learn more, or want to know what the heck I’m talking about, click the link or visit the shop! *
*This is not a potato adoption facility it’s for cats… I’m talking about cats not potatoes people…but seriously don’t waste potatoes either, they are delicious and there are starving children in the world who would love to eat the potato your wasting, and snuggle a cat while they do it… So adopt a cat today and give them a furever home so starving children can eat potatoes!!! **

** Note starving children probably will not be given potatoes when you adopt a cat… sorry.

The Adopt-A-Pet-Shop in Plymouth MN


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