Lillian Dias

The Johnny Cash song "i've been everywhere" is like my soundtrack. Traveling is my passion and although i've not been everywhere, I've certainly seen a lot of the world. I've been on every continent including Antartica. And I visited more than 50 countries in the last 6 years.

People sometimes ask me how it's possible that i travel so much whilst being unemployed. The answer is simple: I got lucky!

My boyfriend surprised me on christmas eve 2004 with an online gambling account. At first i thought it was a lame present. But then i discovered online blackjack via Ace ten and started to get hooked(not addicted). I entered some major tournaments and as soon as march 2005 I won over $ 440.000,-

Thats when i decided to quit my job as a kindergarden teacher and started my dream of traveling the world.
My relationship sadly didn't survive but he gave me the best gift ever. The possibility to fullfill my dreams!