Dicaya vavvy

The whole enterprise of education is extricably linked with the development of values. Devoid of the potential to nurture values, education losses its heart and soul. No one who attempts to depict the spirit of age in which we live can possibly overlook the importance of education for values.

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Peace and security are facing new challenges that could have negative implications if we do not address them positively. The malleable years of youth in schools are crucial. Whatever is learnt and imbibed will determine to how students would live out their lives in future.

The subject value education has come to acquire increasing prominence in educational discussions at all levels during recent times in our country. The issue has been projected as one of national priority in the National Educational Policy (NPE), 1986. The Policy declares: "the growing concern over the erosion of essential values and an increasing cynicism in society has brought to focus the need for

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readjustments in the curriculum in order to make education a forceful tool for the cultivation of social and moral values". According to National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Education (1985), the crisis of values our society is passing through "demands more explicit and deliberate educational efforts towards value development". The first term of reference for the National Commission on Teachers (1983) was "to lay down clear objectives for the teaching profession with reference to the search for excellence, breadth of vision and cultivation of values..". The Working Group to review

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teachers training in the light of the need for value orientation ( set up by the Government of India in 1983 recommended for the inclusion of a value education component in the teacher education besides spelling out details of curriculum, methodology and teachers role.