Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Teacher in Bogotá, Colombia

Electronic engineer from Universidad Autónoma de Colombia. Because of my career, i have extensive experience in handling computers and electronic equipment, microcontrollers, PLC, FPGA, ARDUINO in addition to software involved in engineering processes such as MATLAB, LABVIEW, SPICE,CIRCUIT MAKER, MULTISIM among others. I have teaching experience of more than two years in an institute of education by cycles teaching physics, calculus and trigonometry, more than eight years in the National Learning Service SENA training apprentices in different technological lines such as technical in systems, technical in maintenance of computer equipment and technologist in analysis and development of information systems, more than 4 years in different universities (Universidad Minuto de Dios, Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar) teaching different programming languages such as C, C++, C#, JAVA, PYTHON, VISUAL STUDIO .NET, PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, DATABASES and SQL(ORACLE,PostgreSQL,MariaDB, MySQL).
I am certified in the following Standards of Labor Competence Issued by the National Learning Service SENA:

*To orient presential training processes based on the concerted training plans

* To apply information technologies taking into account the needs of the administrative unit

*To perform preventive and predictive maintenance in order to prolongue the functioning of the computer equipment

*To realize preventive and predictive maintenance that keeps the connectivity between thecomputer equipment.

Also, I have teaching experience in institutions of work training such as ANDAP (Academia Nacional de Aprendizaje) , Corporación Educativa Alexander Von Humboldt, and Fundación INCAP- Corporación Universitaria Remington. I have worked as a university teacher at Universidad Minuto de Dios, Fundación de Educación Superior San José , and Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar orienting programming languages, databases, operating systems and software development.

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  • Work
    • Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje SENA
  • Education
    • Ingeniero Electrónico
    • Universidad Autónoma de Colombia