DigDev Direct

A multichannel digital marketing firm, DigDev Direct, LLC, offers clients a range of technological services to reach consumers. Employing tactics such as email marketing, SMS marketing, telemarketing, and database services, DigDev Direct creates customized packages to fit the needs of clients. The company stays abreast of changes in the digital marketing industry in order to consistently provide innovative solutions for its customers.

DigDev Direct believes in the power of building effective consumer databases. The ability to reach consumers through different channels results in high response rates and allows companies to build high-quality, ongoing relationships with their clientele. The company's programs enable clients to improve analytics, achieve significant returns on their investments, and maximize customer retention.

In addition to executing campaigns on behalf of clients, the firm allows clients to develop their own mobile or email campaigns. The program, known as Execute and Send Yourself (E.A.S. Y.), works well for clients that are seeking local consumers or operating on limited budgets. The program connects clients with up to 105 million email addresses and 45 million opt in subscribers of mobile networks.

DigDev Direct also provides extensive customer profiling for its clientele. The Customer Analysis and Profiling (CAP) process helps clients target their ideal customers by tapping into a comprehensive database of consumers and businesses in the United States. In all, DigDev Direct can connect its clients to more than 220 million consumers and 23 million businesses. The program delivers reports that include detailed information based on region, household income, age range, gender, marital status, and other attributes.

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