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Facebook Customer Service Number

Facebook Helpline number
If you own an account on Facebook and have friends in your friend-list then you can easily avail this facility without any compunction. Here, Facebook Customer Care service provides you with some easy to follow steps to enable ‘Chat Facility’ on your Facebook account. Facebook chat is a feature that enables you to continuously send and receive messages with a friend or a group of friends, without any time-lag. Both the person needs to be online to perform a chat because chat is a process of sending and receiving of text messages. Begin with creating your account and find some friends over Facebook. You are now ready to chat with them.

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Login Your Account :

You should have a personal account to chat with others, so login your account with your username and password.

Login Your Account :

In the bottom right corner, you will see the ‘chat sidebar’. It will appear with a ‘green dot’ that shows that somebody from your friends is online. The sidebar contains the list of your friends and also shows whether they are available or not.

Understand The Chat Box:

There are so many options on your chat box, so understand all of them thoroughly

The green icon with your friend’s name shows that your friend is online and is available to chat.
The mobile icon shows that your friend is using Facebook on a mobile phone. You can still chat with the friend.
If the friend’s name is shown without any icon, that means your friend is offline and is unavailable to chat. You can still drop a message to that person.
The lower part of the chat box displays ‘More Online Friends’ that shows other online friends to whom you can chat with.
At the bottom of this box ‘search’ option is available to find the specific person for chat.
The next icon is the ‘settings’ which appears with a gear icon.

Chat with specific friend:

Now click the name of the friend and start sending/receiving messages. The messages you send will be shown on the right side of the box and the messages you receive will be shown on the left side of the chat box.

Manage Chat Settings:

By clicking the gear icon you can change the chat settings. You can turn o