Dimitri Halley


I am a depth psychologist at both the individual level and at the deeper more collective levels. toward the deeper levels I am a professor in the psychology of paranormal phenomena. This title was awarded to me by the unconscious and in the dreams and accross dreams of many persons. I study the deeper reality Physics calls 'Quantum' and Religion calls 'Spiritual', but in terms of firsthand experiences and thus from within & thus psychologically in terms of the Collective Unconscious, and not externally in a lab.

So what I have more is a method to aid myself and others to have first hand experience of this deeper reality, and go wherever the data (content) takes me. So what you find on my pages is simply my blogging and vlogging of my experience of returning to the Star which is what our true state is. At the core of this work, the first stages of which involve profound efforts in self awareness and sustained inwardness focus we have developed thus a method to create and engage in quantum communication and/or telepathic collaboration.

I provide online counseling & dream interpretation via Skype and email. If you're interested get my newsletter & find more info at dimitrihalleycenter.com

‘First we must change the way we look at the world,
than the world will change’ ~ Dimitri Halley

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