Dimple Makani

United Kingdom

Hello there lovely people! My name is Dimple. I am a wife, mother and currently at home looking after my two beautiful sons.

I have been cooking more since I got married 8 years ago and have been baking for 3 years now. My cooking has been inspired by so many that have touched my life. My husband, parents, family and friends but the one person who is and always be my inspiration is my Aunt, who devastatingly passed over last year.

It was in early 2005 that I went to India to do my wedding shopping and it was then that my Aunt introduced me to the culinary art of cooking. We cooked together and she taught me that as long as I made the food with love it didn't matter if it wasn't perfect as the essence of my love would run through it and I knew it would reach all that ate my food!

It is because of her love and continued support that I found my confidence in cooking and I've never stopped since. My blog shivaaydelights@wordpress.com is dedicated to her and would not even exist if she had not stirred my passion for cooking and later on baking. I thank her with all that I am...love you x