Bill Dimtsas

Father and new products inception and development in London

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Bill is a business experimenter, anti-conformist, and passionate about the joy of progress. Gained his business smarts from the world outside of a classroom, trusting intuition and a hands-on curriculum. Since 2008, Bill has been a natural businessman.

At the age of 27, he launched his first business venture, by starting ‘By Nature’, that operated in the field of plant-based cosmetics. In 2015 he chooses to leave the cosmetics field aside and move towards a new field. Through this activity, he accumulated knowledge and expertise on international trade, growth, and expansion, sales and exports, market introduction, as well as franchise chain management.

Bill also owns a handful of dead startups on his “trophy room”.

From August 2015 until May 2018 he was proudly fully dedicated himself to Intrideo, leading the concept from day one. In less than two years, since the investment was received from Canadian investors to fund the Greek start-up, Bill has accepted an offer to sell his shares back to the company. His first successful startup exit was a fact.

Outside of the office, Bill spends time with his family and enjoys traveling, collecting beer bottles, and reading a good book.