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The Ethiopia Business Visa, as its name suggests, is issued exclusively for business-related activities and can be further subdivided into: General, Professional, Family and Business. The country's major financial draws, including fertile landscapes, varied and amazing all-natural resources, favorable climate for business, an advanced administrative system, a highly developed banking system and world class transport systems, attract large numbers of foreign investors. As regards the fiscal industry, there are various opportunities that can be found in the form of banking and commercial banking. Additionally, there are opportunities for establishing new businesses, dealing in sales and supply of petroleum products, from the food processing industry, the textile sector, construction and mining. In terms of the cultural and recreational activities, you will find the vibrant nightlife, excellent classic schooling system, excellent dining, cinemas and a lot more.

The mission of the Ethiopian authorities to foster the growth and evolution of the economy and deter illegal migration and internal displacement is apparent from these regions: the extension of taxation, liberalizing the licensing requirements for businesses, liberalizing trade, making a favorable atmosphere for foreign investment, boosting trade and increasing the use of the foreign currency. As a consequence of these measures, the amount of non Ethiopia immigrants has significantly decreased since 2021. For the foreign businessman, the most important issue when inputting Ethiopia is the likelihood of being granted an immigrant visa as well as the procedure involved in this procedure.