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Dinah Russell

One of my most prominent characteristics is my passion. My passions include traveling, Harry Potter, tea, and simply enjoying life for what it is. I make an effort to live without regrets, and part of living that life is following my dreams and interests, whether it brings me halfway around the world or if I end up at my computer desk learning, writing, or enjoying the company of friends from far away.

When something becomes important to me, the last thing I want is to let it slip away. Unfortunately, this can mean that I frequently become overwhelmed with my obligations and have to make some hard choices about what I am really accomplishing with each of my pursuits. Fortunately, these tough choices have forced me to narrow my life down to those things that bring me the most joy and satisfaction.

I don't want to stop pursuing my interests, traveling, or honestly giving a shit about what happens around me. It can be stressful sometimes, but I wouldn't trade my life experiences for the most relaxing life in existence. Seriously. If my life was that relaxing, what kind of life would I be leading?