Dirk Weaver

Charlotte NC

Hey everyone! I'm Dirk Weaver, a freelance photographer based out of Charlotte, NC. I started making images in 2004 when I bought my first digital camera, a Nikon D70. I didn't know much about photography nor did I know very many photographers, but I was determined to make it work and pursue Photojournalism as career. I took a few classes, read several books and made a lot of mistakes early on, which I am truly grateful for. My blog will be chronicle of my thoughts, ideas, perspectives and personal experiences, both good and bad, as they pertain to photography and the world around us. I hope that you find my writings both helpful as well as entertaining and that they help you avoid some of the challenges that I had early on.A sincere Thank You! goes out to the many people I have met along the way, both photographers and other wise. All of you have helped in many ways in my aspirations to make photography a career. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, comments or criticisms.I'm currently immersed in my latest project, RiseSport iWear. Rise Sport is an American sunglasses brand specializing in custom-designed sports fashion eyewear. We develop products that fuse sports, entertainment & technology through our various collections.- Dirk

  • Education
    • Lock Haven University