Disability Advocate Training

Disability Associates, Inc. offers a comprehensive training course to help individuals become disability advocates and assist others in obtaining Social Security Disability benefits. In the past 24 years, founder Gabriel Scott has trained hundreds of successful disability advocates who have collectively achieved a 94% win rate. A law passed by Congress created the field of disability advocacy, which allows representatives from the private sector to advocate for individuals filing disability claims.

According to an estimate by Scott, 2.7 million people apply for Social Security disability benefits annually, and 80 percent fail to get them. Many never attempt to file additional claims. Social Security Administration (SSA) disability claims can take a significant length of time to process and require a vast amount of paperwork. Properly trained disability advocates can prepare and structure a case to help expedite the claim process. The Disability Associates training program allows a person to work from home, providing access to all the materials necessary to start a business as a disability advocate. The full training package includes software, marketing materials, customer referrals, and mentorship that extends to a full year. Advocates earn an average fee of $2,200 per case, with a maximum fee of $6,000, as regulated by the Social Security Administration.

Disability Associates, Inc. is listed by Dun & Bradstreet and highly rated by the Better Business Bureau. The company maintains certification from the U.S. Small Business Administration and serves as a Social Security Employment Network. Government, veteran, and vocational rehabilitation centers in more than 37 states utilize the training services of Disability Associates. Ten percent of the firm’s representations are provided free to those without resources. In addition to a comprehensive training program, the company also offers an informational blog for those thinking of applying for disability benefits.