Disturbance In The Neighbourhood


On a rainy night in October 2008, outside the local pub LA Bass player Shane Huber asked Richard O'Donnell if he still played the guitar. While not quite understanding the question, a week later in Richard's kitchen code name 'Midlife Crisis' was born

6 weeks later Ian Doherty joined the other two on lead guitar

8 weeks later Ian 'Animal' Connolly joined on drums followed shortly after by Kate Bartlett on lead vocals and keyboard

In recent months Australian, Jo Young has also joined the band


Our first 'pre-gig' took place in spring 2009 in the back garden of Ian Dohertys house. Despite only enough songs to fill 40 minutes the band played for 4 hours until interrupted by the local police - quoting complaints about a 'Disturbance in the Neighbourhood' ...and so we hold the unique accolade of having been christened by the local constabulary and an irate neighbour!

The band is now based in Ballina/Killaloe Tipperary, Ireland but has played as far away as Orange County (another outdoor gig as ever, stopped by the local police) and Portugal


Ian Connolly - Police Officer - Drums & Percussion

Ian Doherty - Office Manager - Lead Guitar

Shane Huber - Entrepreneur - Bass Guitar & Vocals

Richard O'Donnell - Entrepreneur - Electro-Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

Paula O'Sullivan - Teacher - Vocals & Keyboards


For the pure pleasure and absolute fun of it!!!


Several decades influence our setlist like the 60's, 70's, 80's, and today

Genres include Rock, American, European, UK and Irish (and recently Oz)

Only the best songs are chosen from bands like the Undertones, The Band, Taliking Heads, Beatles, Adele, Elvis, Joy Division, Snow Patrol, U2, Cure, REM, Bob Marley, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd and more..

Want to Join the Craic?
e. DisturbanceInTheNeighbourhood@gmail.com