Divya Mohan

Senior Technical Evangelist and Advisory Board Member in India

A seasoned IT professional with 9+ years of industry experience, Divya has worked alongside students, developer communities, enterprise teams, academics, and senior ExCo members in different capacities and helped deliver better value outcomes for them. She is passionate about opportunities resulting from the confluence of open source, cloud native, and modern infrastructure.

As a Senior Technical Evangelist at SUSE & as an advisor to Avesha Inc, she is currently focused on the development of outreach & evangelism strategies via the establishment of user personas & identification of target audiences in the remit of cloud native tech.

A CNCF ambassador, she has worked extensively on the non-code aspects of the Kubernetes project. Having led the Communications role within the Release team for the 1.21 Kubernetes release, she has contributed to various documentation, blogging, and governance efforts within the project. She has also delivered several new contributor workshops to help aspirants get involved with Kubernetes & open source, in general.

Currently, she co-chairs SIG Docs within the Kubernetes project.

She is a prolific speaker and has spoken at & reviewed proposals for various international conferences.

Under the wider CNCF umbrella, she is the SIG Docs lead for LitmusChaos, a Cloud Native Chaos Engineering tool & also one of the mentors as part of the Google Season of Docs program.

In 2021, she co-founded the CNCF Cloud Native Students User Group to help students across the globe take their first steps into the Cloud Native world. As part of this user group, she was involved in delivering sessions related to Kubernetes & mentorship programs, in general, within the wider open source community.

She has previously worked at IGATE Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd (now, Capgemini) and HSBC Software Development India Pvt. Ltd.