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Exterior repairs to your home perimeter can make a big difference in curb attractiveness and prevent many common long-term damage to the exterior on the regular. The FRED team is always at your disposal to help you maintain your homes from the outside in a variety of ways, from regular maintenance to regular repairs and maintenance of exterior walls and windows.

A secure roof and freshly painted siding are the elements that really stand out from the curb, but there are many other factors that can cause damage to the outside of your home, such as leaks and leaks.

Look out for flaking paint or splintered wood that indicates a problem that requires attention, and examine the area for discoloration caused by water. Check sealing and weather conditions - remove windows so that they come through the winter unscathed.

Shingles, which is cracked, flexed or loose, or missing granules must be replaced. If your house has an old roofed roof, you may want to start with a budget for replacement, but if it is damaged and missing, it lets cooler air escape from the house in the summer.

Flashing sanitary facilities, skylights and chimneys must be inspected and repaired by a qualified roofer, and flashing sanitary facilities such as those in the skylights or chimneys.

Close all windows and doors, cover the ground and hedges with plastic sheeting and cover all ground hedges. Use a screwdriver to probe the cladding and repair any damage to the outside of the house, such as cracks or cracks in the walls.

Avoid the instinct to rent an electric washing machine, as this may not be necessary, but could damage the siding or masonry depending on the building material. You would not be able to use your deck in winter, and the likelihood is that it will have a layer of winter mud on it.