dj komma .

Mexico city

I dj komma since 1993 with the start of the raves in Mèxico .... dj komma original bone lol .... I was born in the cd. of Mexico in the year 1973 in the cabbage. Valley. since childhood I have had a great interest in music, especially music made with synthesizers, my first track electronic music I heard was "magnetic fields" of Frenchman Jean Michel Jarre, in the 80's heard all kinds of music but mostly rock, hi nrg and address as house, acid, new beat, electronic body music "EBM" etc.. In 1987 I had my first experience with an electronic keyboard and I fell in love with their sound that produced when turned their ociladores woau! ... Hence the interest in producing! I was constantly changing home "8 times until today", so I had contact with many people of different customs and ideals but was in the same city, people think differently ... I lived in Colonia del Valle in Rome, The Eagles south of Mexico City, Coyoacan and currently in Iztapalapa. My interest in being a DJ I had when in 1984, when I heard that music was mixed, this surprised me as a track that was mixed with another (so to speak) and heard great then started to investigate how we were doing for through what I had at my disposal since he was only 10 years old, I had a recorder double cassette (which was classic in the 80's), and it made me as a mix ... lol, was fun ... In 1987 in high school I met a fellow who had a sound. There I started by mixing .... but it was not until the 90's I got my own dj equipment, mobile dj started as the time between mixing in bars in Coyoacan, in pubs and Discotheques insurgents, San Angel, Cole Valley , cabbage, Rome, Countess, also get to have as dj residences outside the city, as in Toluca and Cuernavaca. As I started dj producer in February 2001 produced my first album "My World" this album contains eight tracks originally. This album is influenced house music but mainly trance. My second album was titled "Emotions" in 2003 which contains seven tracks, but that unlike the previous album was more varied in their content with three tracks of Tribal house cut one of two topics ambient and trance. The third album was titled "303 AM" in 2005, this album was made totalmete with pc software, with 9 tracks on this album you can hear songs from trance, house, tribal, drum & bass and EBM. By 2006 he had made ready my fourth album which is titled "THE LAST SPACE WARRIOR" which was inspired by a story of the same title written by me on this album all the songs