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Dario Zgrablic

business analyst in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dario Zgrablic

business analyst in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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I have an obsession with all of the following things:

Fast things. Anything that has an engine, some wheels strapped onto it, and can go fast or take corners well.

Ultimate. You know, throwing around floating plastic discs.

Games. Yes, those ones. Whether it's with a controller, a keyboard and mouse, a board or cards.

Music. House, dubstep and other types of electronica are preferred, but pretty much anything goes!

I LIVE to play ultimate (yes, that ultimate!) Started in '99, stopped playing while I was in uni (yes, dumb idea!) but picked it up again as I was about to graduate.

If you see someone on the Internet that goes by DjDATZ, there's a very high likelihood that it's me.

My Day-to-day: Business Analyst at a large Canadian Insurance company

Side shindigs:

2011-2014 Microsoft Xbox MVP (Canada)

Xbox One and Xbox 360 Ninja at the

Moderator on

(Former) Sr. Canadian Editor at

If you want to get in touch with me, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email all work!