Boston, Massachusetts, United States

At the young age of fifteen DJ Diskino had a head start in his music career. Trained in both the piano and drums at young age he naturally adapted his tastes to several styles of music. This has been key to his success in the clubs today.

Creating music using turntables and a mixer is his favorite pastime.

“Most people see music equipment and press play; I see it as an instrument I can perform for the crowd with.”

He’s unique, fun, and he’s not afraid to push the boundaries. Testing the crowd and stepping outside the normal pop and dance tracks has really left a lasting impression.

“Music is so powerful, powerful enough to re-live memories of a moment in life. I want them to experience those great moments while taking a journey with me."

With over thirteen years of experience under his belt; Diskino is a versatile open-format DJ/Producer with a heavy emphasis on EDM. Always keeping club goers on their toes with dramatic transitions he has them wondering what’s next. He is a refreshing sound that will transform your weekly club into a playground for all.

He is a preferred guest headline DJ at many of the largest east coast venue’s and working exclusively for Big Night Entertainment Group

Email/Booking: [email protected]

Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/djdiskino

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/djdiskino

Twitter: http://twitter.com/djdiskino

Facebook: http://facebook.com/iamdiskino