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Shea Riley

Public Speaker, musican, and Educator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Shea Riley

Public Speaker, musican, and Educator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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"Laugh a Little in Life"

Shea Riley graduated in 2013 from Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta, with a Masters degree in Intercultural Studies. Having skills in leadership, speaking, management, creativity, technology, innovation, and intercultural communication, Shea finds creative initiatives to reach people, especially within the sub-cultures of North America.

Born in Ontario, Shea Riley comes from a family of nationally acknowledged leaders whose professions range from politics, law, education, music, and business. Shea spent his youth in Alberta and Saskatchewan within the film industry, further studying for five years at the University of Regina in a double Bachelor degree program in Education and Fine Arts. Shea is also proficient in music and has lead music nationally and internationally touring both as a professional bassist, singer, and a Club DJ.

Shea has served in leadership on various boards and committees in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Shea founded his own non-profit which served the communities and patrons in the night-life scene of urban centres.

Shea has been a public speaker, teacher, and facilitator for various colleges, universities, charities, and churches. He also served and initiated many cross-cultural and social justice ventures including working with the homeless, LGBTQ community, peoples with disabilities, public safety, First Nations, sex-workers, new Canadian programs, and women’s rights.

Shea Riley Consulting was formulated in 2016 with the goal to equip leaders and coach them towards achieving their goals and finding success.

Shea currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Work
    • Musician, Educator, Speaker
  • Education
    • Ambrose University College
    • University of Regina