Jim Davis is a 23 years old dj, starting his musical career more than 6 years ago, begining in his bedroom like many others, then playing in some private parties, he is best known under the name "Houseleggers", a duo that he started with Diego M.
After proving himself in many deejay competitions, he started to play together with Diego M as the Houseleggers in clubs, becoming a resident name for Youstudent & Dk-Events concept in a recognized club in Belgium - Le You Nightclub (Brussels). Quickly afterwards Houseleggers became a resident name for many clubs and concept nights (Bottoms Up Concept, Pulp Parties - Knokke out, College rules - Le You Nightclub, Nuits boursières - Jeux d'hivers, …)
After a great deal of success, playing numerous clubs and events in Belgium, he is starting to go international:

---->Le You nightclub (Brussel), Fuse (Brussel), Les jeux d'hivers (Brussel), Wide Galleries (Brussel), Knokke out (Knokke), River wood Beach Club (knokke), Gotha Club (knokke), Knokke out (Waterloo), B-club (Waterloo), La Mezzanine (Waterloo), Culture Club (Gand), 24h velo LLn, Bal des busés Namur, Garden des lacs (Lac de l'eau d'heure), Bamboocha radio (Sud america radio), Fun radio, Fête de la musique (Nivelles), …
He has recently played in two of the biggest clubs in Lloret de Mar (Spain), Tropics Nightclub & St. Tropez Nightclub.
Many more projects & Giggs are coming soon! So stay tuned! Some festival appearances are being planned.You'll hear more soon!

-----> Has already shared the decks with : Robert Abigail, Party Harders, Miss Luna, Mc Shurakano, Milky Mates, Dalite, Marco de la Rocca, Loulous Players, Deniz Burnay, Dj lyrics (la folie douce), Neon, Charles Vbv, Daleo & Toscano, John B, Dalite, Milky mates, Mr De Cambry, Mr Backstage, Charlie Ritz, Alex Kristoffa, Bardy Deejay, Diego M, Play-Up deejays, Dubsiders, Mc Kenza, Olivier Dassy, and many more

(Danke Steve Tragg)