dj koast

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dj Koast Bio
dj / producer
Dj Koast is a deep, funky, soulful house dj and currently resident at Sea Lounge, Monte Carlo Beach Club, Saadiyat. Dj Koast has been in the underground music scene since the early 90s, his love for beats grew during his teens when he began collecting his first vinyls and also tried his hand at djing. Since his formative years, Koast has partied and played at some high profile events from the extreme to the lavish. Although Greek by nationality, Koast a number of years 'studying' in Manchester, UK, although he frequented Eastern Bloc record shop much more than any Uni Block!
During a three-year residency at Liquid Bar in the hip area of Psirri, in the heart of his home city, Athens, Koast became renowned for his all-vinyl sets which saw him spinning until well after sunrise. It was then that he teamed-up with a musically-minded group of djs and producers and became part of ‘in-progess’, who dedicated themselves to bringing deep and tech house nights to venues in the capital. The ensemble became regulars at Void Dance Bar, Gazi, a happening central night-spot, where they continued to delight their followers with eclectic house music events.
Koast is a proper vinyl junkie and has a huge eclectic collection of music, playing both vinyl and Wav format, he is quite unique, but he doesn’t let this go to his head with his steadfast passion for the scene. Koast is an island hopper too, having had guest appearances on Myconos, Ios, Paros and Rhodes, to name a few. Currently living in Abu Dhabi, he has already had a few residences at the best bars in the capital; Rays Bar, Glo Lounge, Allure and Ornina.

Koast is a keen collaborator, being a kid of the underground, he appreciates teaming up with the musically-minded. He is also an avid supporter of artists and labels and fully respects the work that they do by adhering to the copyright laws.

  • Work
    • Resident dj at Sea Lounge, Montecarlo Beach Club
  • Education
    • diploma in electronic engineering
    • BA in Buseness Studies