DJ and Music Enthusiast in Crete, Greece


DJ and Music Enthusiast in Crete, Greece

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Born in Athens in the late 70s and raised in Ierapetra Crete, George Pitropakis a.k.a. DJ Pith, will soon celebrate 25 years behind the decks.

He got his first influences in his early teens. He started collecting and exchanging tapes and records with his friends and did his first steps as a DJ in high school parties and later on in local venues playing almost everything related to “good music”. The outburst of electronic music got his attention, and in the late 90s, he began expressing his point of view through regular dancefloor sets.

During the 00s, he made numerous successful performances in bars, clubs & festivals, mainly in Crete and Athens. Persistence and excitement gradually made him one of the favorite and well-respected DJ acts in the local dance community.

DJing was the most known side of him but not the only one. He was a member/founder of Technopolis Org. and NuSound Act, projects responsible for various cultural events in east Crete. Since 2005 and until recently, he held four radio residencies, most of them on a weekly basis and well-known Mousiko Kanali 105,1 to be among the radio stations.

The 2010s found him traveling to Berlin and spinning at Subland Club as a Plug Connection Music Conference participant. In 2013 he represented his motherland when French Transavia Airlines entrusted him with the Travelmix for Crete session.

Performing dancefloor sets strictly for more than a decade, a need for different musical vehicles came to light. Therefore he starts producing Cosmic Disco. An alter ego medium where the 70s & 80s music heritage meets contemporary sonic aesthetics. This new effort led him to numerous gigs with a five seasons residency at multi-awarded Daios Cove Luxury Resort as a highlight.

Nowadays, he spends most of his time digging and playing. Known for his eclecticism and his broad musical knowledge, he has developed through the years the skill that allows him to adapt his set to the moment and the place. He is keen on performing in venues where quality music is appreciated and supported, so if you are a venue manager who loves music, Pith is your guy!

Selected recent performances:

Waikiki Coffee House // Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas // Nafpigio Soundbar // Kimzu Sea Lounge // Enorme Santanna Beach Resort // Ammoudi Club // Peripou Coffeehouse Live Music Bar // Herlin Project Space // Saxo Bar // Ntoukiani Bar