Dan Punzalan


I was born with a mole on my right foot. I never really knew what it meant until I found myself wandering on the streets of Tokyo when I was 17.

The Wander Dan, then The Wander Dude was born out of my fascination to travel and my fondness for pulling up words together to make a literary piece. I believe to travel is one's supreme purpose in life, not necessarily to seize a moment to relax, although that is an inevitable benefit, but we, as stewards of the Earth, should know what we are taking care of.

Ironically, it is in traveling and stepping beyond the boundaries of our comfort zone that we get to learn who we really are, what makes us different and at the same time alike from the rest of the inhabitants of this world. It will surprise you, that albeit the words that comes out from our mouth are hardly deciphered by the people around you, there is a language that speaks from your inner core and allows you to communicate without having to say a word.

I have always dreamed of becoming a philanthropist and get my hands dirty for a noble cause, while I am still en-route to that aspiration, my advocacy right now is to let you discover how such a beautiful world it is out there as the world awaits the arrival of your signt and imagination. I believe this is paramount to a noble cause.

The best adventures are the ones shared, I may not be able to share the experience with you, but I can always share the story. This is who I am as a travel blogger, I don't write what you should do and where you should go because I believe there is no universal rule in traveling. We do it at our own pace, our own direction and our own style. I write beyond itineraries, I write stories. Stories that has made me feel my being human in the most exciting way, stories that I wish you experience as well.


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