David Wardell

Consultant, Project Manager, and Software Engineer in Washington, DC

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David Wardell has worked for many years as a consultant and executive in:

  • Computer services and technology
  • Publishing and media
  • Business Management and Consulting
  • Financial services
  • Data analysis, including AI
  • Publishing
  • Transportation logistics and technology

David has been a policy development and technology consultant to the U.S. Federal Government, the United Nations, and the Republic of Ireland.

He worked as a VP and Managing Director for Citibank, VP and CIO for USTravel, VP at EDS, and a SVP and CIO for Reed Elsevier, a multi-national publishing and media company based in London and Amsterdam.

Since David has been a consultant to industry clients, including American Express, Carlson Companies, IBM, AT&T, Westinghouse, DuPont, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, Royal Dutch Shell, Citicorp, Dart & Kraft, Goldman Sachs, Paramount Pictures Corp., Bain & Company, North American Philips, and Lockheed Martin.

He has authored over 450 articles for technical, trade, consumer, and general interest publications, including such prestigious periodicals as The Economist. His column on technology and computer services appeared in print for 17 years.

Mr. Wardell is also an accomplished media and production consultant and has worked professionally in business media, graphics, videography and photography.

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