DJ Wild Bill

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

DJ Wild Bill - a name synonymous with the music, the mixes, and the ear. He’s rocked crowds from Miami to Boston, produces remixes used by thousands of fellow DJ’s each week, and has mixed for some of the most influential commercial radio stations in the United States.

In a day and age where iPods compete with DJ’s, and computers bring DJ technology to the fingertips of anybody with a digital music collection, DJ Wild Bill stands out from the rest in setting the standard for what a DJ should play, when it should be played, and how it should be played. Known for his flawless mixing style, crowd readability and musical intuition, DJ Wild Bill is truly an expert in the science of rocking a party.

Embracing technology and being innovative are key to remaining competitive in DJ culture. Most recently, Bill has begun incorporating music videos, or ‘Video DJ’ing’ into his repertoire. He notes ‘Video is simply an added element.. one of those bells and whistles that makes a DJ’s performance or nightclub’s atmosphere that much more memorable. But for me, the music ALWAYS comes first.’

Just ask the guys at Kiss 108. Wild Bill mixed the hits on the air at Boston’s #1 rated Top 40 radio station for nearly 12 years, a feat in itself. Bill notes ‘It’s a gig many DJ’s only dream of, and may never see in a lifetime.. I’ve been very fortunate to have been done it for so long’.

Bill’s current and former affiliations include KHTS-San Diego, Boston’s Kiss 108 FM, Long Island’s WBLI, Superadio Networks, Neutone Recordings, XMiX Productions, Marriott International & Jillian’s Boston - just to name a few. He’s spun at Boston’s biggest bars and nightclubs, and regularly spins for Boogie Nights at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI.

In addition to his radio and club work, Bill manages Wild Productions, his mobile DJ venture, and is a managing partner of Boston Video DJs. He is also a remixer, Executive Producer and Programmer for XMiX Remix & Compilation Service for DJ’s.

With 20+ years of DJ experience under his belt, DJ Wild Bill has the experience, musical knowledge, and technical know-how to always deliver exceptional performances. Whether it’s a wedding, private party, or public venue - DJ Wild Bill brings a world-class talent and level of professionalism that always keeps them coming back for more.

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