Daniel Kruse

Consultant in Berlin, Germany

I'm a creative strategist, campaigner, facilitator.

My work area is the climate crisis and biodiversity protection, with a current focus on local adaptation, citizen involvement and nature-based solutions.

I'm proud of having co-founded two enterprises as CEO: Wigwam is a campaigns and design agency who meanwhile serves all major NGOs in Germany (2009-2014). Open State "transforms organizations and organizes transformation" with sophisticated event design and systemic consulting (2012-2019).

In my 20 years of work experience I've consulted key accounts such as Allianz, Avaaz, Ben&Jerry's, IG Metall, Stiftung Mercator, Oxfam, Welthungerhilfe, WWF, and German & European members of parliament.

I cannot stop inventing projects and writing articles, though most of those never make it into public. What makes me happy is the many human encounters made possible during the events or projects I've co-build (incl. verifiable marriages and at least 3 children :-).

I'm sincerely concerned about the stability of our ecosphere and the social fabric among us.

So: Doing what I can, day by day.

Whenever I lose touch, I touch the earth, gardening.

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