Darren K. Williams

Small Business Owner, Chef, and Photographer in Bridgetown, Barbados

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My passions are photography, baking, and the holistic lifestyle; not in order of importance as I can’t love one more than the other to be honest.I’m merely just another human trying to find his way in this universe, because the world is only for people limited by their minds.

At the age of 19 I suffered a severe knee injury(complete MCL & ACL tears), which changed my outlook on life, how I lived and it made me truly reflect on how I wanted to live my life afterwards. I.T. , which was my career path, became less of a career choice when I realized that physical stagnation in such a field of work isn’t how I wanted to live.

Photography quickly became an interest from the I.T. aspect and the personal one due to the seeming ability for genuine people to be comfortable around me naturally. Over the years of acquiring knowledge and information photography started to become something that was fulfilling on a spiritual level.

These changes to my life brought me to a point where I realized that the mind, spirit and physical all needs equal amounts of love and care for the body to truly resonate and function at its full capacity. Continuing to learn about & live a holistic lifestyle; it quickly became a passion and due to my love for soulful food I took up baking again and have found that my body is healing and reversing the damage done from arthritis at a rate that I previously didn’t think was possible, according to traditional doctors and treatments.

Overall, changing my lifestyle, diet and exercise habits I realised that not only can I help bring awareness through those very same things but also my photography, and live a more fulfilling life from being able to connect and help others. My only challenge now is to turn and market these passions so I can help many more and help myself in the process.

Thanks for reading.

  • Education
    • Barbados Community College
    • University of the West Indies