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Dan'l Mackey Almy


Behind every FRESH fruit or vegetable there is a unique story. My passion is bringing the story to life and sharing it in a way that fosters a connection between the person eating it and the person that grew it. I am incredibly blessed to be able to share my passion in both my personal and professional lives. As the president and CEO of DMA Solutions, Inc., I work with a team of professionals each day who share a love for fresh produce stories and work to boost our clients' marketing efforts through creativity and action. We work hard, laugh often and challenge each other daily. I believe my work at DMA is a small part of a much larger and important calling – increasing the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetable products. Consumers are increasingly becoming more connected to the food they eat and the places they are grown. With tools like social media changing the way we socialize, we have more opportunities than ever to connect consumers with the farms and people that grow their food. With my team, I strive to think of new and creative ways to utilize social mediums to create a desire for FRESH eating and stand as champions for food that is grown. Along with the DMA team, I shine a spotlight on a vast array off fresh marketing ideas via The Core, our creative marketing blog. I enjoy sharing my insights through speaking; my entertaining anecdotes and infectious speaking style have energized audiences about the exciting opportunities that lie ahead as we work to further extend the FRESH movement. Outside of the office I enjoy spending time with my husband, Drew, daughter, Mackey Payton, family and friends. I love cooking, singing, traveling and enjoying life as much as possible.

  • Work
    • President & CEO
  • Education
    • Texas A&M University