Dennis McEntire

My technical work in the field of linux servers and firewalls eventually brought me to the "bumpkey". I am an outspoken, energetic voice exposing a serious problem that exists in almost every lock in America, and most locks in the world. It's pretty scary and you can learn about it by watching one of my television segments from my website.

My technical skills began when I was 9 with an Apple II motherboard, a keyboard that was a kit, and a small black and white television connected via an RF modulator. From that first day where my father and I loaded a program from cassette tape called Apple-Vision, I was hooked on computers.

Currently I work as a Systems Architect at a leading online services corporation in the San Francisco Bay Area. My work is very enjoyable and cutting-edge, which makes things very exciting and satisfying. I am also a licensed locksmith in the state of California and run an online business supplying high security locks to hundreds of customers all over the world.